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House Music Producer

Hello, I’m Ashley, a Coventry based House music producer. You can read more about me here.

House music is a fairly broad terms that can describe many styles of Dance music, but also closely describes what I produce. I have a strong passion for House music and have done for many years, with almost as many years experience in producing in this style.

Why is House Music? Important?

It’s a very exciting and creative genre that has been at the core of many Pop songs over recent decades. It has also been a staple of more underground club music and is still continuing to grow and evolve.

House music massively popular and appeals to a very wide audience, from teenagers to those reaching their fifties and beyond.

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What Do I Do?

I work in many styles of House music including Progressive, Big Room and Deep House. I also remix music from many non-electronic genres into House music for their projects and releases.

I’ve worked on productions for top 10 Pop artists, as well as Rock, Funk and Disco musicians, and has allowed them to develop new sounds, break into other markets and reach new audiences.

Listen to My Music

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As an experienced House music producer, I regularly develop new musical ideas and material, remix other musician’s work. I arrange, mix, edit and provide additional production services for producers, musicians and artists.

My work allows them to start or complete their project and support them in getting the attention they deserve from House fans the world over.

How Do I Work?

Software I work with includes Ableton Live 9 and Logic Pro X. I have many instruments, plugins and effects, which allows me to produce and mix to a high standard that fits well within the genre.

I put a lot of time into making sure my House productions sound as professional as I can get them, ensuring they are on par with releases currently getting attention from top DJs globally. This means I can create compelling and commercially viable productions that will compete with the best House music out there today.

Want Me to Create Awesome Stuff For You?

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Just Drop Me a Line and We Can Talk