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Ashley enjoying a coffee in a converted Coventry cafe.
Ashley enjoying a coffee in a converted Coventry cafe.

I’m a UK based music producer and mixing engineer specialising in electronic dance music. I’m predominantly Midlands based, currently living in Coventry, although I have worked with artists around the globe.

I have spent the last 16 years of my life producing music, remixing songs and mixing audio for my own projects and for my clients. I specialise in styles such as House Music (Progressive, Big Room, Electro), Trance and EDM, although I have worked on projects in many other genres too.


I’ve worked with top 10 artists, globally recognised musicians, charities and record labels. I’ve also collaborated with people trying to break into the industry and artists that simply want to reach a new audience.

Because of my studio setup, it allows for great flexibility in what I do and how I work. This enables me to work in many styles and cater to many people’s needs effectively.

I’m passionate, dedicated and always working to get the best possible results I can get, consistently pushing myself to learn new things, allowing me to create evermore awesome music. All of this combined, and because I genuinely love what I do, I make my clients really happy.



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