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Computer Music Production

Trance Music Producer 'Sonarm' LogoWorking with many forms of Dance music as well as other genres Sonarm is a versatile music producer having produced tracks and remixes for vocal artists and bands across the globe. Using computer technology in his Midlands based studio to find inspiration he is set to reside among some of the top UK Dance producers and Trance artists with his musical talent and creativity.

Dubbed a "modern day magician in computer music production" by business TV channel after they conducted an interview with him, DJ Sonarm is pushing his career forward in pursuit of success as a music producer and DJ remix maker. He is undertaking remix work for successful artists and has appeared in the media on numerous occasions including articles in local and national newspapers and interviews on cable television stations as well as having his work used within the media.

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Dance Music Producer

With the benefit of following Electronic music through the peak of Trance through to the Dance music of today with passion and lust Sonarm is an experienced and knowledgable music producer with an impressive array of tracks, remixes and collaborations under his belt.

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Trance Music Producer

With years of experience working with Trance music, both in DJing and producing music, Sonarm is a knowledgeable and experienced producer of the electronic genre with various productions and remixes that have caught the attention of DJs and producers alike the world over.

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Trance DJ

East Midlands based DJ Sonarm with headphones

As a Trance DJ music has allowed him to perform all over his home city of Leicester at both large and small events including the respectable DeMontfort Hall. DJ Sonarm has also performed as a DJ as part of a band and keeps an open mind when it comes to working outside of the box, further adding to his experience, knowledge and development.

As such, DJ Sonarm works to develop a style that enables him stand out from the crowd. Frustrated with the lack of flexibility most Trance DJs deliver within their sets he is looking to break the mould and express creativity within his genre.

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Dance Remix Artist

Sonarm is seen by many as one of the more open-minded Dance DJ remix artists with experience working in genres spanning both Electronic and traditional forms of music. Having collaborated with musicians and bands of varying styles and backgrounds he is capable of delivering fresh DJ remixes of quality and credibility within the Dance and Trance genres as well as other Dance and downtempo styles.

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DJ Sonarmon trance music"Trance music is one of the few styles of music that I feel truly portrays emotion successfully. That's what reeled me in back in the 90s & inspired me to become a music producer & and get involved with Dance and Trance music, both on the studio and through live performances..."